Which Are The Best Walkers For Seniors With Seats In 2019?


A walker is one of those things you don’t think much about...until the time comes you need one. Being able to walk and get around is just something we all tend to take for granted. Then, a walker for seniors, becomes extremely important. It will be what keeps you, or your loved one, as independent as possible.

Based on our research, our overall favorite walker with a seat is the Drive Medical 4-Wheel Walker Rollator.

According to a Statistics for Mobility Awareness Month study, over 6 million people in the United States and Canada have mobility issues. Odds are, one day, you or a loved one will require some form of help to get around. Fortunately, there have been monumental advances in mobility devices.

Seated Walkers

There are many types of mobility aids. Walkers with seats are called rollators. Three-wheeled seated walkers are generally used by those who need a little more assistance than a walking stick or cane. Four-wheeled versions offer additional stability for those who need more support.

Seated walkers have an extra measure of safety and convenience because you can sit down and take a breather when walking gets to be too much. This helps if you are feeling faint or tired.

Additionally, these types make it easier to cover more ground at a faster pace. The seat also allows those with more advanced mobility issues with retaining their independence longer. Having the option to sit is essential when getting around with a traditional one might be out of the question.

What are the best walkers for seniors with seats?

There is a myriad of shapes, sizes, and designs. Most come with comfy seats although some are more padded than others. The majority also include hand brakes. There are tons of special features available. The one that is best for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Types of Walkers with Seats

A quick look at some of the different makes of seated walkers will help you decide which one suits your situation.

4-Wheel Senior Walkers with Seats

The Hugo Elite Rollator with Seat is one of the most versatile 4-wheel senior walkers on the market. It is very sturdy, supporting up to 300 pounds. It also folds up nice and easy. It has a super comfortable backrest and a thick cushioned padded seat. It even has a hidden storage area where you can stow your valuables away for safe keeping.

The hand grips are ergonomic, and the handles are adjustable, so it accommodates people of all heights. The wheels are a nice 8 inches, so it’s not going to tip over on you. 

If you’re looking for an economical, basic 4-wheel seated walker, the Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator is easy on the pocketbook but is stellar in style. It is a comfortable ride with a fold-up, fully removable back support, and a nice padded seat.

It is a reliable model that is well-constructed with 7.5-inch casters. There’s even a basket for your belongings. This walker is surprisingly lightweight and easy to fold and store.

The Vive Folding Rollator Walker is a premium seated walker that has superior stability and support. It's also amazingly lightweight. It holds up to 300 pounds and has sturdy 8-inch wheels. The frame is made from long-lasting, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

You wouldn’t expect such a durable walker to fold up so quickly but this one sure does. The front wheels can be removed to make it even more compact to store. It has a lot of storage space in a detachable bag and a cane holder too. This model comes with a lifetime unconditional guarantee.


3-Wheel Walkers With Seats

If a little more balance than a cane or traditional style walker is what you need, a 3-wheeler might be the perfect solution. Three-wheel walkers are everywhere but finding one with a seat is a bit tricky. Even if your mobility handicap is minor, having a seat is priceless.


  • Turn sharper corners with ease
  • Squeeze through tighter spaces


  • The seats are typically not as cushioned
  • Many don’t have any real storage space

The Health Line Compact Rollator is a 3-wheel version with a seat and a lot more. This moderately-priced Euro-style walker folds up in a matter of minutes and weighs in at just 18 pounds.

This gem comes in fire engine red and has an upgraded aluminum frame that can handle up to 300 pounds. It has a super comfortable 18.1”x 9.8” cushioned seat, a luxury backrest and has ergonomic adjustable handles.

The Goplus Folding Rollator Walker comes in 3 or 4 versions. Like the Health Line Compact Roller, it’s moderately priced and is super easy to fold and unfold, transport, and store. It has a wide padded seat and supports up to 300 pounds.

It also comes with a handy basket for carrying your groceries or other goodies. A nice feature of this walker is that the width is adjustable so you can fit through those tight spots. You have your choice of solid back or stylish black and red.

Bariatric Senior Walkers with Seats

Who says just because you are packing a few extra pounds and have mobility issues that you can’t still live large? If you’re worried about a walker holding your weight, here are some that can handle the calling.

The Medline Heavy Duty Walker with Seat is an excellent choice for plus-sized individuals. This walker has the added security of a heavy-duty steel frame.

It's built extra-large and supports up to 500 pounds.

This chair sports sturdy 8-inch wheels with reinforced spokes, so it boogies across even the roughest terrains. Even with all the heavy-duty trimmings, it’s still a cinch to fold up flat and store.

If you don’t mind paying a little more, the Comodita Spazio Extra Wide Heavy-Duty Rolling Walker is one of the safest and sturdiest you’ll find. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

It also has a reinforced frame and super strong wheel support. At around 19.5 pounds, it’s slightly heavier than most walkers, and might not fit through narrow doors.

The 8” wheels are rubber so they grip well and shouldn't scratch your hardwood floors or scrape up your tile. This model has an ergonomic backrest plus a 15”, high-density foam padded seat, so you’ll have a smooth and comfortable ride.

Transport Chair Walker

This type is ideal for those who have a little more difficulty with mobility and risk giving out mid-way on a stroll. It also gives the option of being pushed by a caregiver.

The Vive Transport Wheelchair Walker is a wheelchair that allows you to walk behind it while holding onto the ergonomic handles.

If you get tired, this chair is waiting in all its glory. It comfortably seats 300 pounds and has a 19 inch fully padded seat, a cushioned backrest, and armrests too. This chair is built tough with 12-inch tires.

Even with all the durable features, it folds down flat and is very easy to transport and store. Topping it all off is a lifetime guarantee.

When you get tired of walking, not only can you sit in the Handiy Old Man Shopping Cart Walker, you can relax and let someone else push you.

This model is top-notch with a stylish black leather sponge pad that allows your hands to breathe while guiding and a cushioned seat and backrest. It has an armrest that adjusts to three different heights for ultimate comfort.

The wheels are strong and stable with an adjustment design of 360 degrees. The construction seems superb - extremely sturdy. Since it is aluminum, it’s lightweight and easy to fold up, store, and transport.

Fabulous Features Available

Walkers have become state-of-the-art in the features they offer these days. Here are a few of the available features:

Lightweight and Foldable Walkers

Gone are the days when you practically had to pull a trailer to take your walker with you. If you want to pack your walker up and take it along, no problem with these lightweight, easily transportable seated walkers.

Go, granny, go! The Medline Posh Premium Lightweight Walker with Seat comes in a zebra print with pink accents. It is excellent for those who have had surgery or need a little help getting from here to there.

It holds 250 pounds and folds up like a dream. This walker makes a statement. You may require a walker, but you’re still strutting your stuff.

Another lightweight option that’s a bit more toned down in looks, but still an excellent walker is the Super Light Rollator.

Weighing in at a mere 13.5 pounds, the Super Light Rollator easily adjusts from standard to junior in height. It has 6-inch caster wheels that are ready to roll.

Walkers for Rough and Rocky Terrain

You can’t get any more rough and rugged in a walker than the Volaris All-Terrain Walker. While it's a premium model, the fact that you won’t be stuck in the mud or take a tumble in the rocks is priceless.

This wide model has 10-inch tires that are guaranteed to get you through the toughest terrain. It has a weight limit of 525 pounds and is built to last with top-quality, extremely durable construction.

This one goes right up on curbs and glides over gravel and rocks. Even with all the sturdiness, it folds right up and is very lightweight for storing and transporting.


For those who want all the trimmings, or at least a few, you’ll find there’s a wide array of extra accessories you can get with a walker.

Padded Seat

Who can get enough padding? If you like to sit in the lap of luxury, you’ll be happy to know that the DMI Padded Seat can be added on to most walker seats for optimal comfort. It’s made of high-quality poly-foam and has a removable zipper cover. The measurements are 16"W x 18"D x 3"H.


It’s a lot easier and safer to walk behind your walker when you aren’t carrying anything. The Drive Medical Walker Basket is constructed of sturdy wire so that it won’t easily break. There’s a plastic insert tray, and cup holder included.

Drink Holder

You need to take a drink with you when you walk. The Drive Medical Universal Cup Holder conveniently fits onto almost any walker so you can carry a bottled or canned drink or even your special cup or glass.

Seat Cover

The Crutcheze Butterfly Rollator Seat and Backrest Cover adds fashion flair to your “ride.” Not only does it add some style, but it also protects your seat and backrest from spills, dirt, and dust.

Organizer Tote

If you like to take your “stuff” wherever you go, here’s a great solution - the Vive Universal Tote Rollator Bag. It not only stores things, it organizes them so you can find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Talking the Walk

Finding the best mobility aid can be a daunting task. It’s not that variety is lacking. It’s the fact that there are so many to choose from; the process can be confusing and downright exhausting.

Based on our research, we think that the best all-around walker with a seat is the Drive Medical 4-Wheel Walker Rollator.

From sleek and stylish designs with top-of-the-line, premium materials to hardy reinforced frames that can handle the extra weight and bumpy terrains, you are sure to find the ideal walker out there.

You have to know what you are looking for, especially since there are so many choices.

Facing the facts, nobody wants to be on a rollator If we had things our way, we’d stay mobile (and young) forever. But, life isn’t perfect and eventually, most people who are fortunate to live long enough will need some help getting around.

Luckily, those who do require one now have incredibly impressive options. What’s important is that we all get where we are going, by whatever means we can, and that along the way, we enjoy the ride!

A Little Background on the Author

I’m not that old - just the right age to be a grandma, but young enough to rock and I don’t mean in a rocking chair. I’m not even a senior yet.

It all began when I worked about 14 hours a day. I wrote books and had a full-time freelance writing business plus cleaned houses and businesses on the side. I also had a job as a kennel technician at a local rural veterinary clinic.

I slept in shifts and spent time with my young grandkids as often as possible. Oh, my dog made sure I took him on long walks every day.

One day while on my way to clean a vast house nestled in the mountains near Telluride, Colorado, my heart began to flutter. Then, it started to race. I completed a 5-hour clean and still...my pulse was pounding.

After 8 hours or so, I was back to normal...except for one thing. I was limping. I was falling. For someone who used to be a gymnast, it was entirely out of character and was unsettling.

The Diagnosis

I went to a chiropractor only to find out the issue was with my gait. I took MRIs. My results showed I did not have a stroke (I still wonder about that diagnosis). I had what is called “Spinal Stenosis” but with complications.

The doctors told me the nerves in my spine were in the process of being strangled by calcification, and the damage was permanent.

Five years later, I still walk with quite a limp. I fall sometimes. I’m still not a senior, but I have a condition that is indeed consistent with one. I don’t walk with a walker, yet.

Six years ago, I would not have paid much attention to what walkers have to offer. Now I do. I’ll put off using a walker as long as I realistically can.

You may be doing the same or may have in the past. The bright side is that when that day comes, and most likely it will, there will be a fabulous walker waiting with all the bells and whistles.

Life is a journey, and I intend to take in all the beauty of it, even if it’s from the seat of a walker.


Cheryl Jerabek

Cheryl Jerabek lives in a tiny remote town in Southwestern Colorado. She writes full-time from her cabin nestled in the mountains. She often expresses how lucky she feels to be able to do what she loves from a setting that looks like a postcard. When she’s not writing, Cheryl loves hanging out with her husband and two grown children, her dog, Joe, and adores spending time with her three grandchildren.