Reading Head Start Review [2022]

Published:  April 26, 2021 Updated: December 17, 2021

By  Cheryl Jerabek


Does It Work?

Yes, it's used by over 5 million families.

How Much Time?

You will need about 15 minutes per day to go through the lessons.


$1 free trial, monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships are available.

Overall rating :  4 / 5

A comprehensive and parent-friendly reading program that has been used by many families to help their kids learn to read. It's designed by teachers and comes with a 365 day money back guarantee.

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A child's reading skills are crucial to their success in academics, work, and life in general. Education is the key to success, so you must make sure your child's progress by teaching them how to read from an early age.

Reading to young kids has proven to help with cognitive development (1). By reading to your child from a young age, you can help them with remembering, problem-solving, and decision making. Kids who begin reading at an early age are likely to be better at information processing, language development, reasoning, intelligence, and memory.

Reading at home to your children can help them with language and visual imagery. Your role in this is critical, especially if you consider that one in three children start kindergarten without skills that they need to learn to read, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2).

Introducing regular reading time to your child's schedule also has other benefits, such as cultivating a lifelong love of reading. Spending time with your child while teaching him/her how to read can help you develop a stronger relationship.

While parents may understand that helping their children develop reading skills is crucial, getting children on board with this idea can be challenging. Luckily, there is an approach that can secure your child's future and equip them with the required reading capability. This package is the Reading Head Start program.

In this Reading Head Start review, we discuss this childhood literacy product and whether it works for young minds.

What Is the Reading Head Start Program?

Reading Head Start is an online app & e-book that gives parents the skills and instructional methods needed to support their child's reading ability.

You can download the e-book to your smartphone or computer from the members area on the website. The book will download as a PDF on your digital devices. It gives parenting guidelines for literacy that you cannot find in any other reading program.

The book has four main stages for simplicity. To go through the learning process, you'll only need to take 15 minutes. After each phase, the program will award your child a certificate of achievement, which will boost their esteem.

This program is a true head start in your child's life because it helps them build phonemic skills. The child develops sound-association skills, such as rhyming. The best thing about this package is that it makes reading and learning exciting and fun, so your child will love it.

Why Do I Need This Program?

Generally, kids learn how to read at the kindergarten level. Children thrive when they gain the ability to read at this young age because their minds are supple and ready to take in new information.

However, if the child fails to learn in kindergarten, they could experience more difficulty as they go through the education system. This risk makes it crucial to ensure that before your kid joins nursery school, they learn how to read.

As a parent, you should know that children learn at a much faster pace during their first few years. At birth, a healthy baby has more than 200 billion active neurons or brain cells. If they receive any right kind of stimulation, each of the brain cells can sprout about 20,000 different branches and synapse that store information. The stimuli they get over the first few years form the basis of all their future intellectual ability.

As you talk, sing, and read to your children every day, these activities strengthen the links between brain cells and form new ones. This neuroplasticity is why learning processes speed up as a child grows.

Early learning processes have a strong influence on the entire development of the brain. Parents can play an early role by cultivating the ability to read as well as the lifelong love of reading.

2 kids with a book

About the Program

First, it's essential to know about the author of the Reading Head Start program. Anyone can design a program and post it online. Fortunately, this skill-set is not a product from a random person.

Reading Head Start is the brainchild of Sarah Shepard. Sarah is a wife, mother, and an English tutor for the past 14 years. The idea to design this reading course came to her when she realized the teaching practices that her own children were experiencing. Seeing her children's experiences made her realize why so many children find it challenging to thrive under the education system.

Sarah began the development of skill-set by studying the learning system in schools in the United States. She found that the approach to teaching children hadn't changed since the 1930s. As a result, many kindergartners experienced multiple challenges in reading. Sarah Shepard, being an innovator, began developing theories and ideas on how to create a product that would help children over a few months.

Upon completion of the Reading Head Start program, Sarah decided to test it. Being an English teacher, she was sure that the program would work because it used sound theories and hypotheses. She first tested the program on her child. Within a month of introducing her child to the reading program, her son emerged as one of the top students in his English class. This improvement was drastic, given that the child had been among the last students over the previous tests.

Sarah then went ahead to test the Reading Head Start program on her students. She also sent it to her child's teacher so that more students could benefit. Within a few weeks of sharing the program, Sarah was receiving positive feedback from parents who noted an improvement in their children's reading skills.

Sarah developed this skill-set and proved its effectiveness before putting it out for sale.

Other teachers who have used the product define it as comprehensive and efficient regardless of the reading experience of your child. Reports show that the Reading Head Start program is so efficient that it can prevent and reverse Dyslexia completely.

Overview of Reading Head Start

As mentioned earlier, the book breaks down into stages for simplicity. It is incredibly easy to follow, and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The four stages sharpen your children's sound association skills by using exciting sound techniques, making it enjoyable for the child to learn.

This Reading Head Start review will give you a quick summary of the program:

  • Lesson plans - The step-by-step lesson plans in this book are easy to perform at home or school. They explain the exact steps that you need to take to improve children's reading skills. The book also describes how to teach the kids these skills in an entertaining way, which keeps them engaged.
  • Short passages - This package also offers short passages to teach your child how to start reading passages. The passages illustrate the words taught within the Reading Head Start program.
  • Printable letter books and flashcards - People may consider letter books and flashcards a thing of the past. Still, they are useful in encouraging children to memorize the information they are learning.
  • Worksheets - There are a lot of fun and educational worksheets to keep your children involved in reading. The worksheets are themed, strategic, colorful, and enjoyable. You can select workbooks for your kids based on their grade level.

Skills Taught in the Program

As we've said in this Reading Head Start review, the specific techniques within the book are innovative. You won't find them anywhere else. The program teaches skills including:

  • Positive social interactions - Your child will improve their social skills in interactions with their peers and other people.
  • A positive approach to reading - The lessons enhance the reading learning process, showing children that it is fun and gifting them with a positive attitude toward reading.
  • Optimal neurological development - Your child's brain development will continue at maximum levels.
  • Linguistic development and communication skills - The book guides parents on how to develop communication skills and language vocabulary of their children.
  • Psychological fortitude - Your child's confidence and self-esteem will improve as they become excellent readers.

What Can Parents Learn from This Reading Program?

Since Sarah is a parent as much as she is a teacher, her book benefits both children and parents. Parents also learn with their kids on topics such as:

  • How to lead children towards success in academics, even if they don't have interest initially. The package makes learning and teaching children enjoyable.
  • The dos and don'ts involving your child's success in school. This book teaches parents what they should do and avoid to see their children succeed.
  • The bad teaching practices conducted by kindergarten teachers and why they are obsolete these days.
  • Easy ways of reversing Dyslexia, which can affect children's reading ability.
  • The value of making sure kids start reading at an early age.
  • How to develop children's pronunciation of words and add more words to the children's vocabulary.
  • How to expand children's esteem and self-confidence, which ensures that children have a feeling of self-worth throughout their life.

What Does the Reading Head Start Program Package Contain?

To ensure parents, teachers, and children get the most out of the package, it comes in two main components. They are:

  1. E-book - The e-book includes a guide that you have to follow to get maximum results.
  2. Free bonuses - The bonuses have further information to ensure that your child can utilize the reading head start program instantly at no extra cost.

The bonuses consist of:

  • Interactive reading games - The online games on the platform support your child and let them have fun as they learn things.
  • Fun with Words book series - The books make learning new words into a fun strategy.
  • Reading shortcuts - The book has incredible shortcuts that clarify the learning process.

You can get an idea of what's in the member's area with this video:

Benefits of Using the Reading Head Start Books

There are multiple advantages to using the Reading Head Start program. These benefits include:


Reading Head Start is extraordinarily effective and works as described. You can confirm its benefits by checking Reading Head Start reviews on YouTube, where other happy clients praise the program.

Enjoyable Learning

The book has many guides and interactive games, which make the learning process enjoyable for kids. The content is also entertaining for parents and teachers using the reading program. It breaks down all the hard things into simplistic blocks, which you'll enjoy going through, as opposed to traditional books that you have to force yourself or kids to be able to read.


The lessons are parent friendly. All you have do is start playing it, and all the videos will appear on your screen to teach the procedures. You can go through the videos at your own pace. As mentioned earlier, the Reading Head Start program only takes 15 minutes to go through, and you only need to use it once every day, three times a week, until your child starts improving on all levels.


The cost of this reading program will undoubtedly convince you to try it. You can get trials that are accessible for three days at just $1. We'll discuss more the cost of purchasing this book in the next section.


One of the most amazing things about this program is that parents who don't get the desired result can get their money back even after a year. There is a 365 day money back guarantee.


If you don't have enough time to teach your child how to read, then this reading course might not be a worthy investment for you. You will have to spend at least 15 minutes each day, and three times a week teaching your child. If this time is too much for you, then the reading head start program won't work for you.

You also need a stable and reliable internet connection to access the online .

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Most people expect the Reading Head Start program to be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, it's available at a fair cost because it is a genuinely top-quality product.

The annual price of the book is $297, with a one full year money-back guarantee. Unlimited access to the program for life costs $597. At the time of writing this article, you can get the 1-year deal at a discounted $197 and $297 for the lifetime deal. 

Lastly, as indicated before, you can just pay $1 to receive a free trial and then $37 every month to continue using the Reading Head Start program.

Refund Policy

Customers will need to adhere to their trial period and cancellation policies to ensure they don't pay any recurring fees if they aren't satisfied with the reading program.

toddler with a book

The Reputation of This Program

Sarah Shepard, the author of the reading program, is a an English Teacher. She's also a parent. One story she tells in the program is how her child failed English in kindergarten.

This was difficult to accept, especially for an English teacher. It motivated her to work on this program, which led to a turnaround of the child's grade.

On the flip side, claims that the reading program can reverse Dyslexia requires more research. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that affects how the brain expresses the information it views. It is, therefore, unlikely that the program can heal the condition.

Does the Program Work or Is It a Scam?

In our Reading Head Start review and research, we found this is a genuine program that will help your kids learn many things. Its approach is to prepare children to learn how to read by teaching them how each letter sounds. It also teaches children how letters can change the sound of a word when added or removed from a word. This method allows kids to learn the language naturally.

Most nursery schools may leave out some fundamentals, such as teaching children the powerful foundation of letters and sounds. The reading program is a useful tool for children to add to their arsenal as they start their education.

According to most user reviews, the program may also have success in older kids. Many masters skip sound basics when teaching language. Older children who may be missing the main component can still catch up regardless of the level they have reached.

So yes, the book works in guiding kids to the foundation of reading the English language. It also encourages them to embrace the reading culture and puts them ahead of other kids of their age who haven't acquired learning skills.


There is a similar program that we've also researched: Click to read our Children Learning Reading review.

Final Thoughts

The ability to read from an early stage is one of the indicators of successful learning. The skill-set works by ensuring kids are able to read from a tender age and giving them a head start in their schoolwork.

This head start ensures the child will succeed in their studies, even later in their lives. The reading program works better than many other similar products available in the market. We hope this Reading Head Start review will help you make the right decision for your child.

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